Feeling Trapped - Warning Signs of Emotional Cheating - No Way Out

The following behaviors may indicate that a spouse is in love with someone else, but does not see a way to get out of his or her marriage.

  • Seems annoyed, frustrated, or unhappy
  • Quick to display anger, hostility, criticism, and perhaps abuse
  • Lack of interest in sex or affection
  • Less intimacy, sharing, talking, and disclosures
  • May be difficult to start fight with partner, because he or she does not care
  • Spouse or partner does his or her own thing and becomes indifferent to doing things together
  • Frequent time out of the house and away from home
  • May miss or cancel events with you
  • Little regard for your feelings, wants and concerns
  • You may feel like you are being avoided, ignored, or dismissed
  • Will avoid having sex – just goes through motions or lack of interest
  • Does not respond to “I love you” or other forms of affection
  • Sudden need for privacy, space, autonomy, or freedom
  • May fight more over money
  • Little interest in things around the house
  • Develops active life outside of home and relationship
  • Spends a lot of time on the computer, phone, or text messaging
  • Unavailable, unpredictable, and hard to get a hold of
  • Erratic changes in work schedule
  • Sudden change or concern with appearance, interests and hobbies
  • Forgets anniversaries, birthdays, and special occasions
  • Essentially, a spouse or partner who acts like this may be in love with someone else, but does not see way out of their current relationship.


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